Encounter Map – Lion’s Guard Ruins

Returning to the Daytown mapset, just outside the city gates and along the northern path of the crossroads lies the ruins of the village of Lion’s Guard. Once a prosperous little hamlet, it has long since fallen to ruin. Evil seeps up from deep beneath the earth, and in the caves beneath the town are the upper-most layers of the machines blocking the gate to the ancient depths beneath the island. In Scourge of Heinrich, players had to break a rock blocking the gears on this map in order to open the gate at the bottom of the Daytown mines.

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Encounter Map – Castle Crownbridge Interior

Today we go inside the main corridors of Castle Crownbridge. Rather than map out the entire castle, we played this largely theater of the mind with three encounter areas set up for inevitable combat needs. First we have a corridor open for random “oops we ran into a patrol” encounters. Second there is a corridor that has been barricaded by enemies that players have to charge and go over (or, vice versa, the players perhaps made the barricade!). Finally we have a control room with maps, an infernal machine, and documents detailing the goings on for the castle.

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