This map, while far from the first made, was the first played in the Boarhardt Guild Campaign. After months of crafting five possible starting arcs (Genevian Highlands, The Lockwood, Alafayan Heartlands, Versity Magic Academy, and Sanctuary Vale) the players began here: at the Sacking of the Royal City of Kingsbridge. The King is murdered, and his granddaughter and step-daughter are now fighting for the throne. This set the stage for the primary conflict for the campaign, and each party encountered different sides and fallout of this event.

At this point the Boarhardt Campaign revolved around players being part of the Boarhardt Mercenary Guild. There were two GMs (myself and one other) running two sessions a week with a total of 14 players. Because three of the players overlapped between campaigns, an alternative form of the burning city was made to keep it a “surprise” for as many people as possible.

The image of Kingsbridge has evolved a lot from this original incarnation, and is now a city of canals. But for the original we all have a special spot in our hearts for this session.