Here we have Chester Ridge Highway, a new mapset. In my campaign I ran this as a chase scene, with wolf-like enemies harrying a coach along the road with the players escorting it and protecting it. They had to remove downed trees, and eventually take out a huge knight-like creature guarding the bridge. Once they started crossing the bridge, the planks (shown below) would start creaking and cracking, eventually breaking and requiring the party to jump or climb across.

In Roll20 I made a rollable table out of the items below, and then would choose “random” from the best as players crossed. This would lead to potentially unknown issues with the safety of the bridge. It turned out to be a really fun encounter and my players requested more maps like this one in the future. Escort missions really lead to good immersion.

On the technical side of things, this map is one of the most detailed I’ve made and my new style for trees requires actually painting each tree rather than using a texture to carry depth. The puddles in the road… I’m really happy with the puddles and mud. Little things, but they came out great!

Flotsam Plank-1 Plank-2 Plank-3 Plank-4