Inside the Chester Ridge Ruins is more than the flame arena! Fire and shadow haunts these halls!

First we have the platform room. This was intended to be one large, fast paced encounter with sniper-like mages hidden in bubble-like force fields that were 3×3 squares. Players couldn’t hit them at a distance, but the mages could throw fire damage at them from anywhere on the map. Players were first encouraged to run for the ruin halls to the north to find a way to lower the shields and then, once they had done so, returned to this map to finish off the snipers that harried them.


Inside one of the halls on the north is the Tablet room (the other leads up to the top platform of the Chester Ridge Exterior maze map). Here a magic tablet held runes of strange and mysterious power (in my campaign, this was a riddle on how to stop the Avatar of Morrigan, Goddess of Storms, from destroying their town in a hurricane). As with the previous maps, the fire floor was a hazard so players had to get through it to find their answers.



Finally, we have the original map for the interior of the ruins. It’s not what I was going for after planning, but someone might be able to use it for something: