Hidden behind an innocuous door among the city is a secret torture chamber of the Inquisitors, the secretive cabal of the Knights Revalia devoted to rooting out any and all clerics from the city. The party had to rescue their support cleric Imari from this torture chamber and, depending upon how much time they wasted on the castle wall, the sewer brothel, and the auction Imari took increasing damage. While they managed to save her before she was killed, their delays caused her to be horrifically injured by blood magic, leaving her crippled and maimed. The party, in vengeance, wiped out the entire Inquisitor’s order within their prison and escaped into the sewers with their injured friend.

Functionally, there were also prisoners on the various racks and iron maidens that could be rescued or put out of their misery. The entire room can also be easily flooded via a large sewer catch, a design used to hide the evidence should the Inquisitors need to flee in a hurry or, in the party’s case, to put an end to the horrific place.

I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. I will probably keep working with the two-walls style of room more than other formats moving forward, it allows for a nice spread of movement while showing of height well. The final room is found through the double arch on the bottom level.