I’m currently working on a muti-map set for Loch Gladbaegol, a remote keep and manor home for a Revalian Lord:

Loch Gladbaegol In Progress1

Loch Gladbaegol will have a number of maps included in the set, including:

  • Bridge and shoreline across the loch.
  • Front battlements.
  • Rear battlements and docks.
  • Forest cliffs and cave.
  • Cellars and Distillery
  • All interior wings of the Keep itself including
    • Scullary
    • Tower
    • Masters room
    • Library
    • Guest halls
    • Armory

Loch Gladbaegol In Progress2

This map is one of the first I am making exclusively in 3D rendering programs, and rendering new objects from terrain to trees. It may take a bit longer to complete, but I think the end result will be a map set that players will remember for a long time. Updates will follow as I make progress.