Autumn is here and after a few months playing in other folks campaigns, it’s time to start making maps again. Here’s what I’m working on:


Barrelbog WIP 82616 morning

Located in the Jones Swamp (North Central Ovid on the world map), Barrelbog is a small community of swamp dwelling trappers, traders, and peat farmers. Boasting of a narrow harbor large enough for steamboats to reach from the Jessup Sea, it is less of a population center than a service hub for the various folk living here and there across the swamplands.

Barrelbog is shaping up to have a handful of encounter maps including an inn, trade depot, local temple, an orphanage, and a top-town town map. It also will have a handful of swamp encounter areas for just beyond the town. Right now Barrelbog is approximately 60% complete, and I anticipate the first completed encounter map to go live a week from today, with the rest following over the month of September.

Barrelbog WIP 82516

Thanks for visiting the site, for those of you who do so. And I hope these maps have helped your campaigns and led to great nights of gameplay!