Each year I try to set an art and gaming goal for myself, last year it was to have a total of 52 maps produced by the end of the year (which I just barely hit, huzzah!). This year I’ll be setting some more ambitious goals:

Weekly Goals:

  • Have a new map or titlecard posted every Monday.
  • Have a new trap, object, or other supplementary item posted every Wednesday.
  • Have a new piece of Falleron lore posted every Friday.

Monthly Goals:

  • Have, once per month, a “bonus” map unrelated to any specific game for use in random content. These would be things like wilderness scenes, small cave maps, and other short encounters for when you need a quick game thrown together.
  • Have all campaign summaries updated within 3 days of the game (for both Scourge of Heinrich and Crown of the Heartlands).

Yearly Goals:

  • By end of Spring have have all of my major GM resource paged updated to 5th edition (such as the old wondrous items page from Pathfinder) and, once those are to date, originate new content for this purpose.
  • Complete the codex “The Fool’s Song,” the origin mythos of Falleron, and publish it to the site.
  • Push my art styles even farther and develop new and interesting tools for use on game maps.

This is pretty ambitious! Lets see how it goes.

To kick off the new year, here is the first titlecard for a major map set I am presently developing: Daytown

Daytown will be a ~13 map set including 7 city maps, 3 wilderness maps, and 3 dungeon maps set on the mysterious realm of Kendredai. This fog shrouded island on the northeast coast of Falleron has a strong 1900s flavor making it perfect for games seeking a more modern theme. The rollout for Daytown will start with the city maps over the next few weeks, then break into the wilderness and dungeon maps as they are completed by the players in the Scourge of Heinrich campaign.

Maps to date:

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the maps and game content I produce into the new year!