Concurrent with the events of the prologue, our adventurers have different reasons for setting sail from Tarchay to the town of Kells, southeast of Clontstead in the Genevian Highlands.  

Our Heroes

Glenn Gladbaegol, the pompous yet charismatic noble fighter, aided by his faithful feline majordomo, Meowsington.

Gwydgen the Greenskin Fey, a bard/warlock with a cute mastiff mount.


Bastine the Lucky, A battle cleric of Samhain.

Leon Bladebreaker (Gladiator Name: MegaDeth),  a grisly, retired gladiator.

The Story

Our party sets sail for Kells.  They drink, they cheat at dice, and as the storm clouds turn dark and the ship is hit with massive waves.  The sailors sprint upstairs for the all-hands-on-deck call, a merchant senses trouble and is haggles for his safety.  The party climbs to the upper deck, discovering the vessel has been attacked by a kraken!  A slippery deck, a time limit, and fearsome tentacles are all hazards to safety but the party frees the lifeboats as the kraken seeks destroys the rest of the SS Properity.

The party eventually lands ashore on what they would discover to be the Blasket Island from the prologue.  


They sought a respite from their days at sea within a manor home, that appeared abandoned on the outside, but would discover was haunted on the inside.  The very same vendor that had sold the Heinrich doll had stopped off for an evening of carousing and abuse of the child that lived here, killing 

After setting the ghostly inhabitants at peace and disabling traps or face checking a wide variety of traps, the party continued on through magical woodlands to find a group of stoutkin performing some ritual on their bone-forged weapons over a forest spring.  


Gwydgen, enraged at the presence of Stoutkin demanded the party ambush them, and ambush they did, quickly felling two of the three dwarves before the third was able to jump into a portal to the feywild. Opting for a quick rest, the party heard howling and was attacked by not one but two werewolves, one from the south, and one hidden coming up from the north.  Glenn tried making an ill advised leap from the shoulders of Gwydgen, diving at one of the werewolves, and both fell into the lake.  Afterwards they were able to find rest and they continued deeper into the island.  They could hear the crack of gunfire as they discovered a wingfolk picking off approaching undead from an abandoned guard tower.  Kraw Maga, a wingfolk ranger, joined the band of adventurers in the hopes of leaving in one piece.



The party explored the island, discovering a ferry arriving with reinforcements from the Sunguard, Knight Valleen and a squire had come to investigate after the Brandons returned home.  Party and knights discovered the castle desecrated, they also bore witness to a strange trufflekin, flanked by demonic constructs vanish in a fit of black smoke as a field lay burning, a pile .  The party takes the ferry to the town of Kells.