Upon arriving at Kells, half the party seeks out the tavern, and Corpus Constructus, whose only conversation to strangers at this point has been HAVE YOU ANY WANDS OR SCROLLS? is delighted to find his dream come true, there is an actual storefront named Wands and Scrolls.  The local merchant reveals wonderful prices and has a deep, dark secret — he is a fellow necromantic construct!  The party has not made much money by this point in the story, so Corpus has to take a rain check for now.  A green grocer in the farmlands offers a reward for clearing out a beach cave, which the party discovers is infested by crab people, who are feasting on an unknown body.

Kells, Docks

Fighting crab-man and magma mephits is decidedly too much for Bastine, Leon, Corpus and they determine to call it a night, meeting back up with Glenn, Kraw and Gwydgen at The Blue Cross Tavern.  Glenn recruits two beautiful eastern ‘entertainers’, Esmeranta and Reena, to his retinue and Leon inadvertently smacks the tavern owner in the face with the corpse of his son and is promptly asked to leave.

The party returns at full strength to brave the rest of the cave and to find a mishap underground between the Deathbot necromancer merchant and a portal that had opened up and was leaking oozes. In a rather dramatic gauntlet of battles between the party and Black Puddings, Glenn’s rapier began corroding.  Sweet talking the necromancer, who was already grateful for the help with his summoning problems, got Glenn a fancy new Brightsaber (A rapier that glows white on command, +1 to hit), he also offered several free scrolls to Corpus, who was absolutely thrilled.
The party met up with a Bearded Devil who appeared to be trapped in a magical set of runes.  The party tried negotiating a withdrawal, but a failed compulsion from Corpus led to a fight between the party, the Bearded Devil, and who was trying to trick the party to step into a trap but the party wasn’t falling for it.

Kells, Village Center

Upon returning to town the mayor announces that the Brandons have been slain and his brother will be taking up the mantle as lord of the land.  The new lord gives a speech, and the crowd disperses.  The party has been encouraged to head west out of town towards the beacon when they’re done in town.  Miscellaneous goings on in town include an old lady who has some shocking news, as well as some shockingly delicious brownies.  Gardernstern, the immortal merchant, hocks his wares from atop the wagon in town.
Knight Valleen waits outside the broken cathedral and advises that they’d like to bring it back to its former glory, but that will be a large job.  No one has stepped foot since it was ruined by necromancers 200 years ago, whatever evil was contained and likely died out.