This week’s codex updates are significant changes to the Human, Fae, and Werefolk and minor updates to Construct, Clont, and Vampire racial options for 5th edition homebrew Dungeons & Dragons. In keeping with our racial design philosophy of having more powerful racial abilities with an emphasis on changing gameplay considerably from race to race, Humans, Fae and Werefolk now have been updated to our balance parity (2 feat-like abilities, 1 skill proficencescy, and +3 ability scores).

Due to this fact, GMs may want to use either Falleron racial traits or traditional D&D traits rather than mix and matching as Falleron racials have significant power creep in comparison to standard 5th edition.

Humans in Falleron have previously had subraces based upon the nations they hail from. These subraces have been considerably expanded to now include every nation on Falleron. Harkening back to the original Falleron setting rules from 2013, humans from The Kingdom of Ovid now have some familiar feats seen as part of the original “Great Houses” system to choose from. Humans once again have the greatest diversity in racial options, which matches world lore. Find the new set of Human Racial abilities here.

Fae had been underpowered for some time, mostly due to the Cold Iron trait being considered a benefit rather than a penalty. All four Fae subraces now have the full 2 feat, 1 skill, 3 ability scores balance in line with their lore. As these would be a very, very long list of additional skills with the amount of Fae races, we will let you read them directly. Find the new set of Fae Racial abilities here.

Werefolk have historically been a hot mess to deal with given their varied nature. As werefolk are a collection of a massive amount of subraces, from lizardfolk, to catfolk, to any-other-kind-of-animal-folk; making a set of rules for them is difficult. After a considerable amount of review, Werefolk now have the ability to pick two animal trait features and have some penalties to their intellect reflecting their wild natures driving them more towards wisdom and charisma based magic skills. Find the full new set of Werefolk Racial abilities here.

Constructs are largely defined by their physical resistance and lack of ability to be healed by magic. A common frustration here is that there are not enough ways to reliably remove the levels of exhaustion, leading to constructs wearing down with abnormal frequency. To improve this, each construct subrace now has a damage type (or magic healing) that they have a 50% chance to heal from. In addition, all construct subraces add a flat bonus to physical melee damage along with the damage type of their affinity. A new subrace, Homunculus Construct, has also been added. Construct ability scores have also been altered to removed their limitations to spending, and now can gain +1 to any 3 different ability scores. Find the revised Construct Racial abilities here.

Clont are, by all accounts, pretty powerful. And yet they statistically were slightly weaker than the rebuilds of most of the other races that have occurred over the last 4 months. For balance purposes some changes have occurred. Clontish Resolve is now on a long rest cooldown, while Ancestor’s Guidance is now on a short rest cooldown. All Clont now gain the +3/-2 ability score bonus. True Clont now gain the +2 to Constitution buff and this has been expanded to include the quasi-large language used in 5e large player variant rules. Half-Clont gain a flat +1 to any ability score, along with a human regional trait. Both Half-Clont and True Clont now also get a bonus proficiency from a set list. Find the revised Clont Racial abilities here.

Vampires have a minor amount of changes today, specifically adding two skills to each to complete their balance. Find the revised Vampire Racial abilities here.

A common question heard from (one) player is: “What about my Plantfolk characters?” Well, the time is… soon. Very soon! But not today.

That’s all for this week, see you Monday with a new map.