This week’s map continues the Daytown series, this time with a large governance building for the city-state. Ever want to throw your D&D party into a hard boiled detective story, or maybe a ‘facing justice’ plot where they have to go to trail and prove their innocence? Ever need a police station for your hard-boiled detectives to occasionally work with/against? Need to throw your players in jail? This week’s map can help with that!

The offices of the Lords Industrial has three major components: First, it has a lovely courtroom on the left side complete with prison cage (like all courtrooms have, right?). On the north wing, a chamber for the local governing council meets with plenty of secondary offices between the north and west wings to account for your other government offices as needed.

On the east wing you have a prison and police station, complete with the Captain’s office where your players can be forced to:

  • Turn in their gun and badge.
  • Listen to a speech about them being a loose cannon.
  • Get assigned a new partner.
  • D) all of the above.

It also includes a prison, and in the center of the prison is a hole to an even deeper prison! Sometimes prisoners throw eachother down there. Sometimes it’s the guards. Sometimes those who are the most hopeless throw themselves down. These things happen.

Hope you find this map useful! I now have like and share buttons on these posts. If you like and use my maps, please let your friends know where you got them! I’ll keep on making them either way.



UPDATE: 1/27

Oh yeah, I made a night map. Whoops.