Just in time for the new year (approximately) is the 2017 update to the Falleron World Map. This latest version expands out the total scope to look at the world beyond the Kingdom of Ovid and reveals the far corners of Revalia, the Orland, Meridia, Brevardrim, and Avalonia. It also adds a ton of new locations that have appeared over the various Falleron campaigns this last year and includes a great many that have been mentioned but never seen on the map before today.

On a technical side of things, this map is 300dpi which makes it easier to print (the previous map was only 70dpi and our printed posters ended up… well not bad. But certainly not as good as they could have been. This will help that, especially for large scale maps. I’ve been working on this for a few months now, and anticipate working on it a bit more as new things come to light in game. Some of the places around the world are sparse, not because there aren’t things there but because our players have yet to explore them. On a rolling basis I’ve built this map so we can add things as they come to be and keep the world living and evolving.

It is very high resolution, at almost 10k by 7k pixels it isn’t designed for reading from afar or as a thumbnail, but instead to get the many detailed locations and areas mapped as accurately as possible. In addition, it actually reflects the terrain used on a great many of the early maps and most maps are now reflected in the terrain (especially in the Lockwood areas). Some various ret-cons of river systems were adjusted back to what they had originally been, and some new features have appeared in familiar areas as the map now has an official scale. The world is bigger!

I’m excited to fill it with new places to explore as we move forward. Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized map: