Taking a brief break from the Daytown maps this week and next week, we catch up with the Crown of the Heartlands campaign with the Lake Charm Highway encounter map. Located along the cliffs east of Charm Village, the map holds many secrets for players to explore. It is also the first map I have completed with a slightly more isometric camera angle for ease of dealing with height differences.

Note the house and smaller cave along the shoreline. Supplemental “mini-maps” will post this week and next for those locations. Next week will also have the map on the other side of the large tunnel the road leads to.

If you are playing in Roll20, or have other upload restrictions concerning size, I also have this broken up into quarters to get around 10mb max upload per file limits. For those of you playing in Roll20, I used this map at about 160 squares wide for the total size which worked pretty well for each of the height levels.

I had a lot of fun making this set, and I think it is my best stuff to date. I hope you all enjoy it as well.