The continuation of last week’s Lake Charm Highway, the far side of the tunnel is a large boss-style arena with multiple levels for a longer, dynamic battle. In my campaign, the players were escorting a wagon which was pierced by a ballista mounted up at the ruins on the top of the map. The ballista fired a large bolt with a chain the lock the wagon in place, while enemies held the winding road up to the ruins and advanced from the western road towards the landing. Surrounded by enemies with ranged weapons, the map lent itself well to a sense of desperation and danger as the party scrambled to find a solution that worked for them.

I’m very happy with how this map came out. I was originally thinking back to the first boss arena map I made (The Forest Ruins back in the Carillon Revolution arc of the Succession Crisis). Like that map, I wanted a multi-level area to serve as a battlefield, but I wanted it to be much more dynamic and complex than I had made in the past.

Like with the Lake Charm Highway map, to maintain quality it ended up being significantly over the 10mb upload limit for Roll20 and needed to be chopped up a bit for upload:

It was a blast to run, and my players enjoyed the heck out of the encounter. Hopefully yours will as well!