Buried away in the Hearthflare Temple, G&A had found a two hundred year old map labeled Points of Compassion, marking five sites to be visited with the Flame of Amalas.


The closest marking was on Kendredai, The Black Isle, with a crew of willing to take on the adventure aboard The Lazy Minnow, they set sail for adventure, coin, and the promise of reward!

But before they can do that, they are waylaid by…a mailbot?  The mailbot has been launched from a cannon and slides across the rooftop of a nearby village to deliver an unmarked package for Glenn.  He lifts it up, shakes it, and ultimately opens it to find an oversized stuffed sheep, with no indication of where it came from.  Convinced it is divine providence, he named it Clancy.


The Lazy Minnow: Clear

The Lazy Minnow was bought and paid for by Captain Dougherty, whom the party sailed to Kells with before the ship was wrecked by a kraken.  She was been pretty banged up to begin with, her steam engine in great need of repairs.  A healthier ship would’ve made the trek in three weeks, the The Lazy Minnow, giving it all she would do it in six.  Not that any complained, the crew grew together, trained in various skills and interests, and met with with some passengers they took on for coin. The Lazy Minnow slowly morphed into a pleasure cruise, between the between three bards, an absolute haul of food courtesy of resident fisherman Bastine, and three kegs worth of the electrically tasty brew Shocking Porters brewed by none other than their leader Glenn, the party had a great start to the trip.

After a pleasurable but an otherwise uneventful week of sailing, the party encountered a couple groups of merfolk merchants selling fishing lures.  The party bought a fine Wonderful Bait, and by the time their thoughts turned to piracy, the merfolk had swam off again for safety and…whatever else it is that merfolk traders do.

At the end of the second week of sailing along the coast of the Genevian Highlands, the party arrived in the Clontish town of Montrose, the first destination for the first of their passengers and a great place to resupply and gather news.  They spoke with a twelve  year old boy in town who eagerly passed on that the legendary hunter, Barfriend, had passed through recently to the nearby Ubas Isle.  Gladbaegol and Associates, concerned that the boy was much smaller than a Clont his age ought to be, began to ask about his parentage.  He bashfully admitted that he was the runt of the family, but that his father was a proud Clontish soldier in an army regiment nearby.  It clicked for Glenn just then, the similarities between the boy and Leon.  Leon stood dumbfounded, incredulous at the accusation and at that exact moment, the mother arrived on the docks in search of her son.  Taking in a good look at Leon, she gasped, slapped Leon across the face and chided “How dare you just leave us!”  She sauntered off, clutching her son’s hand as he walked away.  Everyone took a moment to figure out what had just happened, and then continued on with their day, picking up supplies, unloading and loading cargo as needed and took off several hours later.

The seas had been relatively smooth to this point, but a storm pushed them much further east than the party had expected to go.  In the morning after the storm, Kraw, who was perched on the crows nest, kawwed: “Incoming!”, a monstrous Roc, with a glowing amber gem embedded in its skull, hurled a 20 foot boulder at the ship.  Glenn knew what to do.  He ran to the front of the ship, and hurtled….his oversized, stuffed sheep at the boulder.  It bounced off, ineffectually, and Glenn was forced to dive for cover as The Lazy Minnow took a huge hit.  All hands were on deck to get the ship to the safety of a nearby tropical island.