Seeking shelter to repair their ship, The Lazy Minnow, the party arrives on the remote, tropical island.   As the crew sets to performing emergency repairs on the vessel, Gladbaegol and Associates set out to secure a beachhead and search out and destroy the bird monstrosity that had brought them to town.  Exploring the outer isle they discovered all manner of hostile, overgrown fauna.


Sabu Island Shore — Relocated and Renamed for our purposes.

Immediately flanking The Lazy Minnow were a group of giant crocodiles are who became enraged with a group of oversized crabs.  The party watched for a bit before deciding to aid the crabs in their fight.  As they did, though, a group of Pteranadons flew by, gunning for an easy snack, and decided Gwydgen might make for a tasty treat.  One grabbed for Gwydgen, and resisted the blast of his green flamed Summer’s Rebuke.  Leon turned, and immediately critically hit with his javelin and Gywdgen fell harmlessly to the earth.  Another tried for Gwydgen, and Leon launched himself off a boulder, grabbing the pteranadon and pinning him to the ground and freeing Gwydgen in the process.   With the reptilian birds beaten back, they could return to the battle between the crabs and crocodiles.  The crabs were having a rough go at it, and Glenn decided to go in deep to to aid the crabs, jumping from crocodile head to crocodile head, damaging each in spectacular fashion before stabbing the last.  The damage was already done by the crocodiles, though.  The flanks of crabs retreated, and the party was left to mop up the leftovers.  After the fight, the party pushed aside a boulder blocking a cave and sought some respite from the oversized beasts.


Sabu Island Cave — Relocated and Renamed

Unfortunately, no respite was to be found.  The party found evidence of Barfriend, the legendary hunter that Leon’s potential son mentioned, several pages of a journal scattered about at the entrance to the cave.  Though it was dark, the group avoided bear traps and deep pits in the cave’s floor, though didn’t take long to hear a rumbling beneath the earth as the party winded through the caverns.  Suddenly, in a tight corridor, Glenn and Kraw were forced to dodge as horrible worm-monstrosities with glowing green stalks tunneled up to engage.  The party fought confusion and terror as they battled these foes, using the rocks in the cave as cover to avoid the glow fear-inducing eye stalks.  Ultimately the party won the battle of the Umber Hulks and explored deeper into the cave.  The discovered a some sort of lizard man covered in a green ooze, which turned out to be a type of adhesive goo laid by some hiding cave fishers.  Dispatching the fishers, they released the lizard-kin.   Kraw acted as translator as it spoke in a confusing, broken werefolk dialect.  Seemingly in the same sentence it thanked them, threatened their life and pointed out the hiding spot of several healing potions.

Digging through some bushes Leon discovered some more mushrooms that he thought might fetch a high price from their merchant of questionable morality.  This soon led to dodging yet more traps and the camp that Barfriend the Hunter had set for the night.  He invited them to stay, regaling each other with stories of past hunts, and rested for the night.

They awoke in the morning to the familiar sound of tunneling from beneath.  And then, up from the ground, a mailbot, carrying a large package 6’x4′ crate, a 3′ x 2′ box, and a letter.  The first letter was to a very confused Leon, it read:


They hadn’t abducted that boy, had they?

The largest package began to make muffled shouts.  Opening it up, out popped our newest PC, Bridget Wrye, a saucy Revalian bard / brewmistress who came from and wealth. Getting a bearing on her surroundings, she informed Glenn haughtily “Daddy bought out Gladbaegol Reserves, and we are now bethrothed.”  Glenn took it better than expected, and bantering like the following continued throughout the day:

Glenn: Its these touching moments that make for HR headaches, amirite?

Bridget: Why are you talking to me?  Did I give you permission to talk to me?

Glenn: Just trying to break the ice.  You know, that surrounds my heart.

Leaving the cave in the morning, the party watched as Jon, Leon’s potential son, had apparently stowed away. He shouted in joy at seeing Barfriend AND Leon, and his shouts turned from joy to terror as the Roc that had shipwrecked them earlier was back, and snatched the boy and flew off to the peak of the volcano on the island.


Sabu Island Volcano Interior — Relocated and Renamed

Determined to rescue the boy, the party explored deeper into the island.  Before entering the volcano interior, they were warned by their strange foe/ally from before that Jon would be sacrificed to the glowing gem that holds this ., entering a multi-level cave populated with all sorts of fire newts and other volcano crabs and sentient lizard-kin.  Some they befriended and passed without issues, others they brought down with extreme prejudice.   Floating in the center of the lava was a glowing orange gem, the same had been embedded in the Roc monstrosity earlier.

The party exited out the southwest exit to get a view of the outside and, and fought some enraged apes:


Sabu Island Volcano

Making it back to the top story of the cave system, they found Jon being held captive by a group of the lizardkin from before.  Entering the second story of the cave, a lot of things began to happen at once.  The flaming citrine holding the island together is dislodged from the pool of lava, enraging the Roc and the lizard men, and triggering a volcano.  In their escape, the lizard men hurl a fireball dealing massive damage.  With lava shooting up the center of the island, Leon performs an amazing dive to grab Jon, Gwydgen is able to use his survival instincts to avoid a path that would crumble under rocks, and Bridget’s quick thinking found a path to jump down.  The party sprinted to a ship that was repaired enough to back out as lava rolled down after them.