As the days pass after the eruption on Roc Isle, the party weights the merits of returning back for Montrose to drop off their hunter ally Barfriend and Jon, the stowaway of questionable paternity.  Ultimately deciding they’d rather continue to Daytown, they group expands by two and the boat is packed very tightly on The Lazy Minnow.

In an attempt to hide his womanizing ways, Glenn immediately jumps to elevate Jon to retainer, hoping desperately to distance himself from the beautiful women he has been spending his time with now that he has entered a forced engagement.  Leon for his part, spends his days on deck curmudgeonly refusing to acknowledge the potential bond and muttering about paternity tests and how this must all be some sort of mistake.

After a week, Kraw, sitting atop the lookout, spots a wave.  Growing 5, 10, 20, 30 feet tall it…crests and subsides and the party can make out the small stature of a surfing mailbot, package in tow.  Another oversized sheep, Sky Blue colored with red eyes which he accepts and names Leyla.  Confused he asks if Bridget had anything to do with the newfound sheep, but alas, she’s as confused as the rest of the group.

Shortly thereafter, the party spots two islands, spaced 400 feet from one another, each holding a statue that face each other.  Terrified that sailing between the two will cause something terrible, they sail to each island individually.  To the south, a womanly, calming presence with hand outstretched.  Glenn tries giving the womanly statue his sheep Clancy, unfortunately for Glenn the statue doesn’t react.  Gwydgen detects some magic emanating from the statue, but with no obvious means of interacting with it, they sail north.  To the north, a man, with a ring held in hand.  Gwydgen’s religion check suggests this is meant to represent the fool.  Bastine hastily grabs the ring and the group sails south.  Glenn climbs down on all fours to give Bastine a leg up as he places the ring on her outstretched finger, and after a clap of light, Bastine is gifted with a special perk from The Fool and Compassion, a strong affinity with the city, granting him the ability to start and stop nearby town utilities once per day.

Another week, five weeks into their journey, the group passes something curious — golems of flesh aboard a sailboat without sails being dragged by sharks.  Chasing after them but not gaining are two mages aboard another ship.  They shout to the party for aid, offering a powerful trinket if they can stop their runaway golems.  Deciding to get to the bottom of this, they agree, and Bastine severs the ropes the golems had used to haul them and the ship gradually stops.  Glenn, Bastine and Gwydgen all jump aboard the ship and the mages, now sensing that things weren’t going exactly as they hoped, asked to help bring the golems aboard.  Crying that this wasn’t what was agreed to, G&A demanded the payment promised, and decided that they empathized more with the flesh golems, and forced the mages at swordpoint to the ship now with no means of propulsion.  They cursed vengeance as one opened a portal back to Versity, and they both (slowly) propelled themselves forward by facing backwards and pushing air out behind them.