This week the Crown of the Heartlands game had a rather unusual gameplay session! Players were teleported by a rather scatterbrained mage who lost their signal mid-transport. Instead of arriving at their location, they ended up in a magical void, floating within a spherical glowing barrier to keep from drifting off into infinity.

Eventually, the party exited the void and explored the strange, dream-like space beyond. There they found floating islands of memories of things that had occurred in the past. The first of which was this one:


Grandmill Palace Dream-Island

These islands drifted here and there on the map. For our posts this week, each of the five islands will appear as one each day this week. For our first island, we have the Duchess Sadine Yentz’s throne room in the palace of Grandmill. This remake of a map from 2015 (the climax battle of the Succession Crisis campaign) allowed my players to revisit the battle playing as the allied NPCs that fought along the player characters at the end of the campaign.

More dream-islands will appear each day this week, so keep an eye out! Crownbridge Castle is also coming along smoothly, so don’t think I forgot about that one either.

Have a great day!