With the Crown of the Heartlands campaign returning to Kingsbridge, perhaps it is time to see Kingsbridge for all it has to offer:

Kingsbridge, the city on the Brightlake and capital of the Kingdom of Ovid. Built in ancient times upon the series of marshy islands that Worlen the Accidental made his home, it eventually became the center of art, culture, and politics for the realm. While devestated wholesale during the Succession Crisis (as shown in previous maps) in the decades that followed Kingsbridge was rebuilt bigger and better than ever.

A number of maps will post adding to the existing maps for the Clocktower District, Brewer’s District, Lucian’s Bar, and Festival Square over the next few weeks. Some of these will be Crownbridge Castle (once my players finally get through it)! All things in time.

I really enjoyed this one. It’s been just short of a year of tinkering with it, I’m very happy!