Chapter 6: Executing and Releasing Prisoners

As they were about to continue south to where Glurk had informed the party that the prisoners were located, Glurk ran around the corner and thanked them one more time for freeing him. After wishing Glurk farewell, the party continued. Rather, they were about to until Rex showed up, ready to fight. Joined then by Rex, the party headed south into a group of goblins inside a cave passage. The goblins attempted to ambush the party by hiding around corners but were quickly  overwhelmed by the powerful adventurers. After the battle, one goblin remained which Kerry intimidated into surrendering. The party then tied up the goblin and asked it questions about what was going in in the cave. The goblin explained that there were villagers present to the south. where but that it wasn’t sure what else was in the cavern. Snicker-snack suggested they tie him up and leave him. Kerry, translating, told the goblin who seemed quite afraid of the prospect of being tied up and alone in the cave while the party went on a murder spree in the rest of the cave. When it seemed like the goblin was going to run for it, Rex and Snicker-snack immediately cut the goblin down.

Following the late goblin’s direction, the party headed south through the winding cave where they found the body of a woman clutching a teddy bear. Suspicious of the object, they tried detecting any magic present or any other mechanisms but it was, apparently, just a teddy bear. Rex placed the stuffed animal back in the woman’s hand and swore vengeance on the creatures responsible. Heading further west, they were able to spot what looked like a patrol taking a break around a brazier. Employing some stealth, they carefully kept to the shadows in the room and spread out around the group, comprised of a couple of the Red Skull orcs as well as a few of the stronger hobgoblins. Once they had maneuvered into position, the party began their attack and hit very hard, very fast. The patrol didn’t see it coming and although one of the orcs was able to pursue Greyson further into a tunnel, it did not help him as the rest of the party came charging from behind.


After the battle, the party headed northwest, and on the way Snicker-snack noticed the sound of whispering goblins ahead. Carefully moving forward, the party noticed an open cavern filled with columns which obscured much of the room. Undeterred by the ambush position, Rex bravely charged in and stumbled directly into a goblin. The goblin shrieked with surprise and as the rest of the party ran in to aid Rex, more goblins began appearing from around the columns to take shots at the party with their shortbows. The group had a tough time tracking down all of the goblins but eventually managed to do so and eliminate them. At this point, they realized they’d be happy if they never encountered another goblin again.


The party then continued south which took them past another patrol post with a torch on the wall and as they continued even further south they ran into apparently the patrol – a group of hobgoblins and a couple of the Red Skull orcs. The patrol gave them heavy resistance but was, in the end, no match for their firepower. Continuing south, it seemed that the party had finally located what they were looking for – prisoners guarded by a group of hobgoblin captains. Sergeant Greyson led the attack by firing at the group from the shadows and the rest of the party rushed out to meet the guards which were quickly downed. Moving up to the gate, a girl approached named Nina who explained that she was trying to rescue prisoners but had been taken captive, herself. She explained that a group of red skull orcs had taken eight people just a short time ago and headed east. She wasn’t sure what they had been doing with the prisoners but they had been taking a few at a time periodically and it seemed to be a one-way trip. As Nina was about to tell the party that one of the orcs had the key to the cell, Snicker-snack whipped out his trusty thieve’s tools and was able to open the lock. Since the party had cleared much of the way into the cavern, Nina volunteered to take the villagers out of the cavern and back to town, despite her wounded state. She asked the party to keep an eye out for her sword and shield but said that she could scavenge from the orcs in the cave that the party had already defeated. Unsure but willing to trust the girl, the party wished Nina luck and headed down the east tunnel.


Moving through the winding, seemingly never-ending tunnels, the party located a patrol  with a nearby goblin. Now sick of these goblins, Oaks immediately fired on the patrol but, perhaps due to his rage missed his mark. Snicker-snack was quick to move in to attack the goblin to the left of the patrol. As the patrol then turned to attack the party, shrieking was heard coming from the cave offshoots nearby, as suddenly several other goblins swarmed out from the shadows to attack. What had seemed like a quick fight against a surprised patrol had turned into a desperate conflict against a horde of goblins. Since they were fighting in a tunnel, though, Rex, Harambe, and Snicker-snack managed to hold a front line and bottleneck the orcs and hobgoblin. Meanwhile, the other goblins were firing their shortbows at the party and a couple of goblins had broken off and were slashing at Snicker-snack.
As the fighting continued, one of the orcs managed to get in close to Greyson. Seeing a tactical opportunity, greyson took his shot at the orc, not only finishing it off but blasting through two of the goblins behind him. This shifted the battled in the party’s favor but suddenly, perhaps on seeing the danger that the artificer and ranger were presenting, the goblins made a mad dash through the frontline to attempt to attack Kerry and Greyson. The first goblin through barely survived running past the strong fighters in the way but made it to Greyson and attacked. Two more goblins followed, able to make it through the line now that their companion had taken the brunt of the assault, and were able to begin trying to break these ranged attackers that were picking them apart. The gambit was successful but the first goblin went down quickly after its risky move. Snicker-snack, quickly finishing one of the goblins attacking him, moved in to help his allies and attack the goblins from the rear. The goblins, quickly becoming outnumbered and surrounded, were soon defeated along with the orc and hobgoblin after a very long, bloody battle. Undeterred and convinced that they had single-handedly eliminated the entire goblin population on the island, the party moved along further into the cave…