My name is Brooks Pingston (aka Enc or Encartrus), and I make encounter maps, battle maps, and 3D image renders for use in tabletop role-playing games. Through this website, Falleron Cartography, I have provided free map products for use in a wide range of online and tabletop games.

In order to expand what I can do, I have launched a Patreon to help improve the quality and frequency I produce maps. Find more details below the break, and thank you for reading!

Since 2014, I have produced over 300 map products, all hosted as free for non-commercial use, to inspire and support Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and other sorts of people needing maps for their games. I post a new encounter map, battle map, world map, or area map every Monday and most Wednesdays along with a variety of GM, homebrew, and lore content throughout each week.

And I am just getting started!

If you are willing to support my art, I am extremely thankful. If you are wanting to get what I produce without supporting me, never fear. My maps will continue to post to Falleron Cartography without any paywalls, download charges, or other fees.

If you are interested, click here for more information on my Patreon.

Thanks again for reading!
-Encartrus (Brooks Pingston)