When Glenn awoke the next morning, he vaguely remembered a deep, pulsing bass sound and the sounds of explosions.  He mentioned them to the rest of the group, and everyone agreed it best to check out what had happened.  Stepping outside the Temple of Selnoir, several guards corroborated Glenn’s story.


Office of the Lords Industrial

“There was an attack on The Lords Industrial building last night!”

“What of the lords?”  demanded Glenn.

“The attack happened after everyone had left, aside from the guards stationed at the jail. It appears there was some sort of jailbreak, and considering who all was being held there, I would bet Coppergut.”

The group backtracked to The Lords Industrial office and witnessed a busy scene.  Precinct officers had created a perimeter around the building, and a hole had been blown open directly into the jail.  Insurance investigators stood by assessing the damage and the party stepped through the gaping hole to begin investigating, themselves.

The blast opened directly into two of the most flavorful jail cells, one filled with vines and venus fly-traps, the other a pair of balls for juggling and bowling pins.  Asking the guards what happened, they noted that there seemed to be some deep, reverberating sound, and then they woke up, an hour later to a scene of gore and mayhem.  It was discovered that most of the inmates belonged to Coppergut’s gang, a new crime kingpin who had been stirring up trouble in the city recently.  Specifically, those two cells contained Plantkin Lady and The Juggler, two of his main lieutenants in his crime syndicate. The party continued their sweep of the jail, noting bloody footprints that seemed to center around a giant hole in the ground.

When asked, the local precinct member offered to extend a rope down if they’d like to check things out, that is often where problem inmates are sent for solitary confinement…or worse.

When they arrived downstairs, they discovered what had been a small room had its walls broken open, granting access deeper into the city sewers.  A pile of bones had conspiculously been left in the previously sealed chamber, and passing them set off a loud pop.  Instantly, many of the bones connected and stood up.  Further down the hall, otherworldly chanting could be heard.  The skeletons were the same sort of creatures they had fought before, minions to be dealt with swiftly, but the real danger was two incredibly dangerous fish-kin sorcerers holding open another portal to the hellscape they had closed two nights before.  Bridget fought valiantly and was nearly knocked out before Leon and Glenn could destroy the surprisingly healthy casters.  Following the trails of blood led them to a destroyed sewer gate at the east edge of the sewers.  Seemed like no matter how badly the Glenn and Co wanted to stay clean, they were gonna have to get their hands dirty.


Daytown Sewers

The sewer system seemed to wind and weave for a while, but there came a crossroads where one path was well lit, the other, marked ‘Water Treatment’, seemed run down and the lights had stopped working.  Deciding to investigate the stretch of sewers with broken lights, it didn’t take long to see a door propped open in the distance.  As they got closer, they were met with a familiarly sized box with the words “For Glenn” written in the script of the mailbots.  Within it was another sheep of different coloring.  Glenn looked to the sky and screamed “WHYYYYY”, before naming his new stuffed sheep and adding it to the collection.

The group stepped past the package for a moment to eavesdrop on two of Coppergut’s thugs, fiddling with a keypad.

The larger, thicker thug: Err, What are we doing again?  

The more wiry, nasally thief replies “Boss says we’re supposed to seal this door shut make sure no one comes after us!”

“Yeah, but what are we doin’ on this side of the door?”

“Easy.  Anyone wanting to come after us in the sewers needs to use this door.  We set up an alarm, hook up this little vial of poison here on the keypad, baddabig, baddaboom, they get knocked out, and we grab ‘em before they wake up, hand ‘em off to dem creeps.  Come hold this panel, will ya?  I think I’ve almost got this.”

The thief fiddles with a red keypad, sticking the vial of poison behind it and says “There!  Now its set, anyone tries to come by and doesn’t know our special code, bam!  Out cold.  Wait.  I forget the special code.  Dr. Bony gave us the cheat sheet, let me grab it.  Shit, whats all this?  I’m neva gonna figure this out.”

In that moment, Glenn charged, and the goon’s brass knuckle’s, and the knave’s pistols, were no match for the company.  Unfortunately, even after dispatching the mobsters, they were left with a terrifying puzzle:

  • The number contains seven digits.
  • No number is repeated.
  • The number created by the first three is greater than that created by the last four.
  • The sum of the first three numbers and of the last four numbers are both 15.
  • The second and sixth numbers are squares and are not 1.
  • The square root of the sixth number is the in the third position.
  • The last number is smaller than all but one of the other numbers.

Gwydgen, Bridget and Bastine all sat down to puzzle through the code.  Leon, Glenn and Kraw desperately explored the room for anything that wasn’t math.  Not much was around beyond a “Accident Free for 43 Days” poster, several rats, and a half-eaten body. As Glenn was getting antsy about attacking the keypad and hoping it would be enough to get through the door, the crew worked through the code.  “I’ve got it!  The code for the red keypad is 8430591!” exclaimed Gwydgen.  Punching it in carefully, the door slid open to reveal a sewage treatment vat and several out of place waste management workers, considering everything that had gone on the day before.  It didn’t take the party long to root out that something was wrong, and just as it had happened in the Temple of Selnoir, tentacles burst from two of the workers, and a third was revealed to be a priestess of Leviathan, intent on protecting the secrets of the sewers.

The disguised workers never stood a chance, and the party began to assess what they had been doing.  The sewage in the vats was incredibly acidic, a fact the party noted for the rest of the exploration.  Looting the corpses of the monstrosities yielded a green keypad, with a code scrawled on it.  There wasn’t much else around, so they went to investigate the other doors.  Walking down the hallway, they discovered a yellow keypad with two buttons guarded the door on their right, a green keypad guarded the door on their left, and at the end of the hall was another red keypad.  Green keypad, green door, they entered the mad scientist’s lair, The Former, a necromantic construct with a top hat and green, glowing vials.  The former had strapped a Precinct homunculi and was giving him shock therapy.  Within the vats in the room were all manner of monstrosities.  The Former, dismissive of the group, assuming them to be the fake workers, never looked up as the party descended upon him.

The madman hurled vials of acid, unleashed the monsters in his vats, and sicked reprogrammed Precinct officers at the party, but the group stayed focused on downing The Former.  He seemed to be dealt a finishing blow, and then snapped, growing twice his size, body pumping with the glowing green liquid of his vials, and The Former transformed into The Latter, for an exciting boss fight!  And he lasted another twelve seconds before dying again.  The party looked around for mementos, and found several vials of acid that could be used as grenades, and a potion of growth.  The subdued Precinct officer snapped out of his stupor and offered to go bring help from above, retreating back to above ground.  The party barred the doors, and took a breather.

Feeling rested, they continued to the end of the corridor through the red keypad.  Through the next door was a multi-level room, at the top, several gangsters dragged body bags towards the opposite end of the room.  Down the stairs, in the middle of the room, sewage is being treated in a turbine, and on the other end, several more gangsters are being directed by none other than Coppergut himself.  Coppergut, a portly, black-haired homunculi who walked around with the machinery of his waist exposed and a large umbrella.  “Get Them!” He screamed at his underlings, and pointed his umbrella at the party, firing bullets from afar.  As the party dived for cover from the hail of bullets from across the hall, Coppergut and three of his closest goons managed to escape out the south-eastern door.

Leon knew this was his time to shine.  He downed the vial of acid and roared, jumping at the closest brute.  Kraw returned fire from behind cover, and Bastine enjoyed the opportunity to spider-climb across literally every surface he could find, standing horizontally on the stairwell rather than vertically.  It was this moment that across the hall, a mook in Coppergut’s gang, Gary, gave himself a pep talk.  “Alright Gary.  You got this, first day on the job, just gotta fire at the massive, screaming barbarian.”  Gary took a shot with his pistol, and hit Leon.  His joy turned to terror as the barbarian turned, pointed at Gary from across the room, and screamed “YOU!”  Leon proceeded to use the poor mook as a weapon himself, flinging him back to the entrance of the room, into a brute being wrecked by Bastine.  Gary was not long for this world, but the brute seized the opportunity and began taking off down the hallway.  Kraw fired after him, and Leon turned back into Megadeth in that moment, screaming in rage, hurling his Javelin of Lightning at the fleeing brute, who was felled.  The party needed another rest before chasing after Coppergut, and barricaded The Former’s room again to regroup.