Adding to the possible deity and patrons available in the Falleron setting, we have now added the Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters. Based upon the demigods of the same name, these powerful patrons of the plantfolk provide a range of nature-based powers to those who call upon them.

Mechanically, the Three Sisters patron functions through creating zones of difficult terrain through spells (such as Entangle, Plant Growth, Spike Growth, and some class features) and then providing tools to pull enemies into these areas (such as Vine Whip and Grasping Vine). Once inside your difficult terrain, you gain considerable bonuses to melee attacks using an expanded range of weapons and the Shillelagh cantrip.

The Three Sisters patron also provides some flavor and party benefits, such as the ability to reincarnate a dead player (though potentially as a plantfolk!), have some spot healing in combat at the cost of your difficult terrain, and creating a sheltering glade between combat to hide/rest inside.  At the highest level, you can become a font of life for plants, causing all plant life around you to spontaneously flourish.

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