This is Bentley Forest, I’ve been through her a time or two. The realm of Bentleyshire is normally a calm, quiet place. In the middle of the dense,  untouched Bentley Forest, the village has been largely ignored by progress and the greater happenings of man over the generations. It is known as a quaint place to visit, a good place to retire to. But of late, things have grown dark. A brotherhood of criminals haunts the town, kidnappings are on the rise, and livestock have been found brutally mauled in the fields. Dark days have fallen on Bentleyshire. Perhaps you lot can help?

Beginning Act 2 of Crown of the Heartlands, we enter the area of Bentleyshire. This map will have several iterations over time with more area revealed from the cloud layers as players in this campaign clear content and discover new locations. For now, and for what will likely be released over the next few months, we will start with this:

For all of the Bentley maps there will be day and night variations, along with three weather patterns (clear, foggy, and rainy). In my campaign, these each confer bonuses and penalties to various skills and can impact exhaustion and the like. At each rest I roll a D6 to determine the weather (1 = rain, 2-3= fog, 4-6= clear) and whenever enough time passes in game to change day/night I alter that accordingly.

For this map, I have also set up my squares in Roll20 to measure “M,” in this case meaning minutes. Each square is 5 minutes of travel, and crossing the full map from end to end (not counting terrain time penalties) would take about 8 hours. As players are staying in this area for the next dozen sessions or so, the idea is to make them consider the time they travel and what paths they take, as time is important in this campaign.