Over the last year, we have been play testing Blessed and Fallen vampires and have realized there are some issues with their mechanics. As written, Blessed vampires have far too many penalties to keep track up, and the paper upkeep is too much to keep interesting. Fallen vampire work, perhaps a bit too well in some games, but also end up with some problems in how often they can use their bite attack.

After discussing with our vampire players and looking into some rules changes, we are now updating the Vampire races for the Falleron Handbook. A brief list of changes follows, but see the Vampire race page for the full list of changes.

  • All vampires now also gain an “original body” bonus in the form of a Human Background Trait, Werefolk Animal Trait, or the Clontish Size bonus.
  • Vampires now are healed by positive energy, but only for half the amount (rounded up)
  • Both Blessed and Fallen Vampire mechanics now operate via hit dice, with their hit dice pool determining how fed they are on the lifeforce of others. They may also use their hit dice at any time to heal themselves, though regaining these hit die require specific techniques.
  • Fallen Vampires still feed on the recently killed enemies in traditional blood-vampire style.  Constitution is now their primary ability score.
  • Blessed Vampires still feed (though more explicitly) on the emotional energy of others. Charisma is now their primary ability score.
  • Siring a new vampire mechanics simplified and standardized.
  • Vampiric Plague removed as not really meshing with the Falleron setting.