So following suit with Humans, Vampires, and Werefolk, now every race has been updated with new traits. You can find them all here.

Each of these changes comes down to customizing your character to feel like something unique to the player when making their racial choices. For humans, picking two community traits gives you a feel for your character’s upbringing and society. Werefolk give you your physical traits. Fae, which are a bit more complicated, grant a wide range of traditional and D&D creatures now by mixing and matching two magical and physical types. Constructs, on the other hand, now have the ability to be built using the traits of the other races to make your very own abomination or robot however you like. Clont alone remain fairly constant, with some tweaking to their previously overpowered racial traits and the addition of a large-sized half-giant.

All of these changes are the first part of a larger lore rebuild which will be going on over November and December. In addition to the 6x maps released each Monday, over the next few weeks we will also be updating the handbook to more closely align to D&D 5e creature types, the new Xanthar’s Guide to Everything updates for racial, feats, and other items, and updating our Wondrous Items list with a number of Falleron-community inspired items.

Until then, enjoy these new racial traits and tune in next Monday for more Bentleyshire maps.