Good morning, everyone!

I’m taking this week off for a late holiday, but wanted to update you with my map schedule plan for 2018 and tease the first of my January map releases that will be coming out over the next few weeks.

For 2018, the map schedule will operate a bit differently than in previous years. Maps will now post to the site:

  • Mondays: A new map each Monday complete with all variations (day/night/raining, etc.)
  • Wednesdays: Lore/Handbook update.
  • Occasional Fridays: A second map (depending upon the current project).

I wasn’t really happy with only posting a map on Mondays with the Bentleyshire project, so I plan on pushing out additional maps on Fridays as my backlog allows. This will likely be slowed down only if my players haven’t fully cleared content, but otherwise should be most Fridays moving forward.

2018 will be the year of dungeons! Expect at least 12 new dungeons (70+ maps) by year’s end.

My plan for 2018 is to release primarily dungeon-style maps rather than areas or villages. With this in mind my goal for 2018 is to release a total of 12 dungeons, one per month, before the end of the year. Some of the dungeons planned will be dark and gloomy caves, while others will be ruined castles, towering palaces, and even a murder mystery at a local inn compound! I have quite a few in the works, and am excited for what I’ll have to share with you all in the coming weeks.

For the first map of 2018, though, we have a real treat. The Floundered Ferry Inn:

Floundered Ferry001

The Floundered Ferry Inn consists of a number of buildings, a cave system, and forested areas (along with our favorite Lazy Minnow steamer).

The Floundered Ferry is a 6 map project, which will include:

  • Area maps of the inn compound and surrounding forests (day and night)
  • Inn building interior
  • Guard-house interior
  • General Store interior
  • Stables and Warehouse interior
  • Dungeon & Caves map

Each map will have both top-down flat maps for tactical play (with perspective being flat like you might see on a board game) along with cut-out perspective postcards to show the 3d models in detail and give players an understanding of what they are looking at.

This map set is also notable in that each of the objects here is 100% created from scratch, from the tables to the trees. No perspective or painting tricks are going into making foliage from this point forward. In 2018 I plan on 3D rendering all objects on each map to expand my library of assets and to make more uniform and pleasing images.

I look forward to making you all a bunch of great maps this year! I hope you are looking forward to using them.

As a final note: I want to give a special thank-you to all of my patreon supporters. Your donations and support help me keep making these maps, and without them I likely would have to throttle down my production considerably to take care of the costs involved in providing the resources here at Falleron Cartography.

Happy New Year!