Coming up in the Crown of the Heartlands: Book Two (Kill Taric!) arc, the party will be venturing deep into the Lockwood to the embattled valleys surrounding Potter’s Field. Once a quiet town and bastion of relative safety in the otherwise horrifying Lockwood, the war between the Lord’s Council and The Dark Lady of Taintsville brought nothing but ruin to the community.

Early in the war it became the headquarters for General Preacher’s command in the siege of nearby Taintsville, but with the Lord’s Council dissolved and no reinforcements coming, his forces are now staging a desperate defense of the town as they evacuate their wounded and retreat towards friendly territory.

As the battle rages, the party will have the ability to turn the tide for the Lockwood, the Lord’s Council, or even the sinister Brotherhood with their actions over the course of the game. To represent this on the map, I have created small flag tokens to use in Roll20 to represent forces as they move:

And also movement arrows for each to help show where the forces are moving:

This is the first set for February’s mapsets: The Battle for Potter’s Field. This one should have quite a few maps over time as I plan to make interiors and exteriors for each of the named locations for my players to enjoy. We’ll see if I can keep up!