Good morning, everyone!

After some hard work over this month on the Potter’s Field arc, I finally have a bunch of maps to share with folks! This month has been pretty quiet on the site, but behind the scenes I’ve been working on a range of new content that will begin posting… well, now!

From this point, onward. My maps will be made to fit into handy booklet form, to be combined into PDF files for download at the end of each mapset.

For my Patreon Subscribers of $1 or more, moving forward they will have access to additional content for each map update. These include variants of the battle-map (including day/night variations, weather variations, and versions with 5ft square grid-lines). For today, I am sharing these for all my viewers to see what will be available each post:

Additional lore pages (such as the Garnet’s Crossing page) will be added for Patreon subscribers as well, such as:

For my Patreon Subscribers of $5 or more, at the end of each mapset I make (for example, the current set of Potter’s Field) they will gain access to a PDF booklet including all lore and battlemap pages (and variants), and several exclusive pages on the specific map set detailing out additional lore, encounter ideas, and campaign options to work into this mapset.

In addition to the rewards from the $1 and $5 tiers, supporters at the $10 tier or above will be able to post in a monthly lottery thread on Patreon.At the beginning of each month, Supporters of $10 or above will be able to suggest a single battlemap they would like created each month. At the end of the month, I take all of the suggestions, assign them a number, and perform a public dice roll to determine which map gets created. That map gets posted exclusively for Patreon supporters before the end of the next month, and a new lottery begins! The first lottery thread will begin on Thursday, March 1st for a map produced by the end of April!

Thank you for your continued support! And for those of you looking for maps here on the Falleron Cartography site, never fear. Moving forward, I will still ensure a new battle-map is posted every Wednesday (including tomorrow)! And if you like those maps, and want more options with them, definitely consider my Patreon!

Have a great week!

-Brooks (Enc)