For the last of the Garnet Crossing maps, we have the local meadery and apiary field. Looking for some quality mead? Well look no farther! Garnet Crossing Meadery has a bottle of something special just waiting for you:

This week, I have included the interior and lore page for all viewers, so if you like what you see please consider taking a look at my Patreon for more exclusive maps. This week Patreon supporters get night and grid-line variations of this map series, plus two Patreon exclusive maps for other local areas (the Garnet Crossroads and the local mill).

Next week we will begin the dive into the Mt. Garnet Mines, a multi-part dungeon with a number of excellent parts and encounters built right into the map for easy setup for game masters looking for a fun underground play session.

I’ll see you then!

-Brooks (Enc)