Mt. Garnet stands as a textbook example for what not to do with a mine. Folks in the Lockwood tend not to take orders well. One might say that’s the reason for this little war we’re fighting. It certainly is why the Mt. Garnet Mines are a dangerous venture (at best). You see, rather than organize under one guild or company, the local miners each set out with their own tunnels. Each sought the riches of the mountain for themselves. Each sabotaged all neighboring tunnels as often as possible. Traps were laid. Men were killed. Feuds lasted for generations below the mountain, long before this war.

Now the mountain is a monument of bad blood, bad masonry, and bad decisions.

This week we have the basic interior and exterior posting for free for all users. Patreon supporters are getting a wide range of additional maps this week (11 in total). These include versions with the mine entrance collapsed, a version simulating an earthquake inside the mines, a version with the mine main shafts cleared as if the cave-ins never happened, night time variations of the exterior, a profile shot of the mine entrance, and versions of all of these with 5ft squares included.

This is the first of several posts concerning the Mt. Garnet mines. Future posts will include the north, east, and south wings of the map, with a Patreon exclusive lower level connecting to the lift shown on this map.

I’m excited to use this with my players for Crown of the Heartlands, and I hope this dungeon will have a place in your games as well.

Have a great week!

-Brooks (Enc)