This week we have the southern exit to the Mt. Garnet Mines via the Deep Mountain Mining Guild in Potter’s Field. One of the many fighting factions in these mines, the Deep Mountain Mining Guild built a shaft directly to the city of Potter’s Field to give themselves an edge on getting their ore to the markets in the city, but everything went wrong when their tunnel awoke a clan of Purple Worms deep beneath the rocks…

This week we have the Mt. Garnet Mines southern dig, an arena map with a large boss encounter area for one or more Purple Worms. Players have a variety of levels of height to traverse from one side of the southern mining shaft to another, while the Purple Worms have a great many burrows to disappear into and reappear across the map.

We also have the alley beside the mining guild, allowing players to exit the dungeon into the city proper. A daytime rainy and sunny version are available for everyone this week.

Patreon supporters this week get a number of bonus maps, including:

  • A rainy version of the alley, with puddles and rain effects.
  • Night variations for the alley (rainy and clear)
  • A lore page for the Mining Guild exit, showing the building in an isometric perspective.
  • Versions of all of these maps, including the mines, with 5ft squares.
  • A Patreon exclusive mini-dungeon, a four encounter cave system lit with glowing fungus hiding a strange creature shrouded in darkness.

Patreon supporters of $10 or above were also were able to submit their requests for the first Monthly Map Lottery for April. At 7:00pm EST tonight a live drawing will occur on Roll20 to determine which of the submitted maps will be created this month. Finalists are:

  • A fae-themed portal to the lands of the Summer Court Fae (aka the Gates to the Summerlands)
  • A jungle tar-pit filled with bones of dead creatures and sinister footsteps of a large reptile stomping about.

For those interested in seeing which option wins the dice roll, or who want to have a brief Q&A with me, feel free to pop into the Roll20 game tonight between 6:55pm-7:15pm EST.

Have a great week!

-Brooks (Enc)