This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies in wait within the dark water. Those that survive the beasts within will surely be swept down stream, out of the cave entirely to the waterfall along the eastern side of the mountain.

This week, Patreon supporters get this same map with grid-lines along with the first Patreon-Exclusive Monthly Map Lottery Winner’s map – The Jungle Tar Pits! This map was chosen in a lottery of suggestions from Patreon supporters of $10 and up by the roll of the dice. It came out pretty awesome too! The Jungle Tar Pits come in day and night variations, and include square options as well.

Next week we will climb out of these caves and into the urban environment of Potter’s Field. See you then!

-Brooks (Enc)