The city of Potter’s Field is a battleground. With cannons shelling the city daily, and house-to-house fighting wrecking much of the southeastern districts, destroyed homes are far from unusual. But while the loss of many homes and businesses were keenly felt by locals, nothing was as devastating as the loss of the local chapter of the Boarhardt Guild. It stood as a lone bastion of reliable assistance for a people largely ignored by both occupying armies.

But the Boarhardt Mercenaries are a hardy lot. Even with most of their guildhall destroyed, they found a single room still in tact and reopened to the populace. Though, as one will soon see, it can be quite challenging to navigate the ruin to get to assistance.

This week we have three handouts for the Potter’s Field Boarhardt Guild. An isometric map for players to navigate the front half of the ruined hall. A map of the upper levels of the ruin and the remaining guild chamber. And a flyer advertising the guild still being open despite the damage.

For Patreon supporters, we have seven additional variations, including rain and square marked versions with both day and night variations. In addition, we have a Patreon Exclusive map – a tropical camp nestled by a spring with a number of variations (including a hurricane).