Just inside the leftern gate of Potter’s Field, main street is a sanctuary within the city. Here a visitor could almost see what the city was like before the war, so long as they don’t look too closely at the wagons filled with wounded soldiers or the empty store shelves.

This week, Patreon supporters get a number of variations of this map including day, night, rainy day, rainy night, and all of these with and without squares. They also get an additional lore page with store contents, an isometric map of main street with each location marked, and some additional lore information for GMs running their campaigns.

Today we also mark the winner of the second map lottery! Patreon supporters of $10 or more get to suggest a map each month and one lucky patreon has their suggestion chosen by roll of the dice. This week supporter Mowngle won with his suggestion for a portal to the Faewild. Look for that map to post to Patreon later this month. Congratulations, Mowngle!

As always, have a great week!

-Brooks (Enc)