Over on my Patreon, I hold a lottery each month for supporters of $10 or more. These good folks submit ideas they would like to see made into a map, and at the end of each month I determine which map to make based on a dice roll. This time round a supporter won his map idea: a gate to the faewilds. I found this idea so compelling that rather than making one map, I’ve started making a series of these maps in a variety of settings.

These three day maps are a sample of what these maps look like. Each map set has six maps. Closed, activated with the Faegate Coordinates shining, and and open for portal transportation. Each of these three is available in day and night versions:

This one is available here for free! But over the next few weeks Patreon subscribers will be getting a Patreon-exclusive mapset including Faegates themed on deserts, swamps, jungles, frozen mountains, dense forests, and more!

You too can get access to these for supporting just $1 or more a month! Or not! Either way, look for another free mapset here next Wednesday along with plenty of additional goodies over on the Patreon!

Have a great week!

-Brooks (Enc)