The Faewild is a realm of imagination, ever changing and shifting in ways only Fae and madmen understand. Despite the transient nature of the plane, some domains are so powerful they their magic persists even as the rest of the realm transforms. The Umbral Pools are one such place. Centered upon a mountain covered in uncountable still pools of milky water, the Umbral Pools each reflect shadows of unrealized realities. They show the view paths untaken, choices made differently, realities of imagination and doubt that can shake even the most stalwart of heroes. Such pools of memory gather will-o-wisps, the wise, and the foolish. Which will your party be?

This week, Patreons also get a second Faegate, this time a portal to the Green Realm, the great jungle land far to the south of Falleron. The Green Realm Faegate includes a total of six variations, and expands the terrestial locations available to travel to by Faegate to five! More of this series will come shortly, so stay tuned!

On a separate note, congratulations to Mowngle for once again winning the Monthly Map Lottery! This time he has requested an “Underground Dwarf Fortress in the Underdark.” Look for that map later this month.

See you next week!

-Brooks (Enc)