This week we return the the Mt. Garnet Mines for an additional level and all of the variations as part of the complete Mt. Garnet Mines dungeon set! This map includes 36 total map pages, including variations and lore setup handouts, day and night variations, versions with 5ft squares, and some unique collapsing effects for the western mines to make things a bit more complicated for your players!

26 of these maps have never before been seen on, made possible by early access from our Patreons!

First we have the exterior entrances:

The Western Entrance: The Mt. Garnet Mines

The Southern Entrance: City of Potter’s Field (Deep Mountain Mining Guild)

Eastern Entrance: Garnet Falls (the source of the Waterfall)

The Mines: Including the hidden lower level and SQ variations:

This dungeon was a blast to make, and my players had a great time! Hopefully your players will as well!

See you next week!