This week we have a bit smaller focus compared to last week’s megapost. Sometimes you need to have an encounter where players pick which direction they want to go. Sometimes you want bandits harassing a wagon. Sometimes you have a gigantic tank themed after a famous stop-motion Christmas film attack.

This set includes lore for an encounter with a magi-technology tank called the Bumbletank. Named after a former yeti mount (from one of the characters in the 2015 Succession Crisis Campaign), this encounter required players to find ways to slow the tank down, deal with its very powerful cannon, and somehow nullify each of the 6 anti-magic shield generators along the sides.

Making the tank was a blast, and was the first of many vehicles I have worked on since the Lazy Minnow. The battlefield is simple, but with a tank you pretty much need open area and some light cover to have it work out.

Credit to Superior Graphix for the pre-edited Bumble graphic and to Romeo Muller for the original TV Special.

I hope you enjoy these materials, and see you next week!

-Brooks (Enc)