Sometimes you need a ship to get you to places like Shipwreck Island. It’s probably fine.

This map was made during a really bad time in my life earlier this year and I didn’t have a chance to really post it until recently. This, like the rest of the Shipwreck Island set, were going to be the first encounters of a nautical themed campaign taking place in Meridia. That didn’t work out, as a death in my family occurred during the time I was launching the game and by the time the dust settled from dealing with the funeral I had no desire to continue this game.

The Liquid Asset map is not the best vessel I have created, and some refinements I meant to do never got taken care of. Still, its a pretty serviceable map and hopefully will work for an isometric encounter or two.

Someday I hope to come back to Shipwreck Island, the Meridian Islands, and all the rest of the materials I worked on for another game. But not for right now. That said, the maps related to this game will continue to post over the rest of December, so hopefully some of you will have some fun with them!

-Brooks (Enc)