The Skyland of Equinox is a floating island that drifts among the crowds and, in the Age of Memories setting, is the ancestral home of the Eladrin Elves. With each season in perfect balance thanks to powerful ancient magics, the island is a paradise for those fortunate enough to live on it.

At least, until things go wrong in this campaign causing it to become a dangerous and wondrous place to explore.

As a new style for Roll20, I am having my players draw most encounter maps on the blank parchment page, use the map to navigate the world, and keep their notes right on the same tabletop. This gives us a very light-loading time game (especially as Roll20 is having increasingly large problems with running effectively these days.

In addition, I am using only generic monsters in the application, used only for tracking placement on the board and keeping track of HP:

The three skull tokens give me some variety for multiple enemy types in an encounter, while the red flame and ? mark tokens provide ways to show hazards and other problems on the board that can move about. The harp serves to designate party allies or NPCs that show up on the encounters.

It is very minimalist, but given that of late Roll20 can take 5+ minutes to load a basic campaign’s board and character sheet it has become something of a necessity until Roll20 fixes its own loading problems or (hopefully) a better alternative that actually has in-house support becomes available.

That’s all for this month. I’ll have a few 3d maps coming up over summer.