One of the things I’m currently working on are these little hireling cards, for use in tabletop play. The idea is that players can submit their own favorite art or character images and quickly plug them into a Photoshop template:

Note: none of the character images here are original works by me, only the template. These are images chosen by my current face-to-face players for their hirelings.

The idea is to have the white spaces work with a pencil, like a paper character sheet, while also having only the barest minimum of details needed to convey what the characters can do. Rather than a full statblock with trained skills, the GM adjudicates what is reasonable for the character to do and grants advantage or disadvantage on all checks and saves using only the basic modifiers listed.

Each character has a few powers they can use, and they fall into one of a few categories. Some, like Tobias and Ithil, are meant to be used in combat and have some basic moves that overlap with D&D spells and mechanics, while also having some survivability (essentially a ‘get out of death free’ card once a week). Others serve as NPC patrons or allies, granting access to resources of plot situations the party can choose to take them up on, if they are willing to spend the time and/or money.

In play, these have been pretty great representations of players and, when one leaves the party, I simply collect the card back behind the screen until that character returns. Characters like Mahlee have been both highly helpful and highly problematic to my players, as her boons are great but keeping her interested in supporting the party has led to some very lengthy side-quests and plot detours.

While not yet ready for release as a PSD file, my hope is to have these ready for access by anyone later this year.

This is one of a bunch of little projects I’ve been working on over 2019. These, and a few maps here and there, will start popping up over the next month or two.