Good morning, everyone! I have been playing MotW in a steampunk setting and decided that we needed more than a handwave conversion of items and equipment. I made these cards to have something flexible that would allow my players to make items that fit their characters.

The front has a sort of “sushi menu” system where you check boxes to get the tags appropriate for what you want to make, and the back of the card has a quick reference for what the tags mean.

In my games, Use Magic can be used by those with different weird powers (Telekinesis, Empathy, Weird Science, etc.) if players have a magic item and invest two points on the item (which is why the Magic tag costs two).

So some examples you could make:

  • -A noose (Intimate, conspicuous, contested, silent, harm 3)
  • -A magic wand (Hand, concealable, fragile, Magic)
  • -A musket (Far, conspicuous, reload, loud, harm 4)
  • -A throwing shield a la Captain America (Close, Conspicuous, messy, harm 2, armor 1)

and so forth.

As a keeper, I found this to be more advantages in terms of prep as making custom item cards was taking a lot of time between each game and this way there was some degree of balance between each item.

For printing these, I use normal cardstock and print 4 a page (making them about 3×5 inch each). That way the back page is very readable for everyone at my table (two of my players have eyesight issues and smaller printouts, like playing card size, were a bit too hard for them to read).



I hope you all find these useful!