The Falleron Setting is owned and created by Brooks Pingston (aka Encartrus) with the support and feedback from his wife, fellow co-GMs, and players. Started originally in 2008 as a NaNoWriMo short novel about a wandering traveler in a world filled with malignant spirits, places in Falleron have grown and evolved into the current incarnation after many short stories, gameplay sessions, and drunken skype debates over how best to evolve and create the world. The current playset rules for races, traits, and house rules have evolved more times than we can count to get to the current incarnation and Brooks is always amazed at how chill his players are with adapting as the rules get refined. Presently we are using Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition through Roll20, though previously custom systems and Pathfinder were used as well.

The Maps:

Brooks started drawing his first fantasy maps as a child, inspired by reading Tolkien and various TSR fantasy novels to use pencils and the margins in textbooks to create new worlds. Now he uses digital tools instead of pencils but still has a general disregard for textbook margins.

Brooks occasionally takes commissions! If you are interested, email him at BrooksPingston@gmail.com with a brief description of what you are looking for.

The Game Masters:


Games: The Succession Crisis, The Troubles of Mullenstone, Crown of the Heartlands (Current).

Str: 10  Dex: 14 Con: 8

Int: 12  Wis: 4    Cha: 18

Art: Getting better every day??


Games: The Succession Crisis, Scourge of Heinrich (Current)

Str: 12  Dex: 12  Con: 14

Int: 9   Wis: 6  Cha: 12

Monsters?  Yeah, we could use some more monsters.


Game: Crescent Island

Str: 9  Dex: 12  Con: 8

Int: 14   Wis: 16  Cha: 7

Rules: Meant to be broken, no. Changed? Absolutely.