Falleron Catrography is the art and writing portfolio of Brooks Pingston. Since 2013, I have created over 400 free map products, homebrew materials for D&D 5e and Monster of the Week, handouts, and campaign arcs for tabletop roleplaying.

What is your schedule?

During 2019, my schedule will be irregular due to a number of projects I am working on behind the scenes. Expect 1 to 2 maps a month, but with no set schedule.

You can see the most recent maps I’ve made on the Latest Works page. Older maps are on my map portfolio. I also regularly update the campaign logs for the games I run and the handbooks for the Falleron Setting (for both ages).

Do you take commissions?

Not at the moment, but check back in late 2019.


You can reach me at BrooksPingston@gmail.com.