Age of Memories Handbook

The Handbook

The Age of Memories serves as a reboot of the Falleron Setting without changing or forgetting our considerable origin stories. While the setting in Age of Mortals was one developed after years of play across several settings, the amount of ret-cons and develop-as-you-go we had was getting a bit untenable when looking for new stories to tell and new places to start. With the lessons learned since the setting’s inception in 2014, it was time to take a new crack at the world with an intentional mindset for what has worked, and what has not.

It is my hope that this new setting will prove an engaging launching point for a wide range of new stories, new adventures, and new memories for us to treasure as we re-discover the world of Falleron.



Oath of Equinox Campaign

My current Roll20 Online campaign, started in March 2019. When a music festival goes horribly wrong, a group of adventures must use both their martial and musical prowess to save the world from the Time of Discord and become the most hyped band of the season.

Winderwatch Campaign

My current face to face campaign, started in April 2019. A group of would-be adventurers take the call to head to the Winderwood, a forested hinterland where the comforts of civilization are few and mysteries and danger lurk behind every tree.