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Chapter Ten: Herding Sheep

Following a trail of bloody footprints after the jailbreak, Gladbaegol and Associates, a subsidiary of Wrye Industries, fought goons, mooks, tentacle beasts and the fiercest opponent of all: Math, to arrive where they currently find themselves:  barred into the former dwelling of The Former and his larger counter-part, The Latter.  The group had just defeated a contingent of Coppergut’s goons who stayed behind to buy time for their boss to escape with several body bags.  They weighed their options as they take a short rest.

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Falleron has a few classes and class archetypes that have cropped up organically as we’ve played over the years.  Below is all the ones we’ve officially captured and built for 5e:

The Haberdasher – Originally embodied by Hatman, Bruce Richards has taught a select few number of sidekicks the ways of the hat, which have then been passed on to others.