Background: Chadwick’s Children

The war was hard on the Kingdom of Ovid, and while it was many years ago now an entire generation was lost in the chaos that befell the lands. Children always suffer the most after war, with their parents lost and their prospects bleak. So too was it for you as a very young child. You don’t fully remember a time before you were brought to the orphanage. Only vague memories of traveling with a cruel looking man as a very young child before arriving at the orphanage and meeting the stern Kinley who has helped raised you from your earliest days. Kinley was kind in her own way; the elderly woman was always there to bind a scraped knee, but was also quick to box your ears for spilling your supper. She was quiet most of the time, except when she would read from her many books and journals and tell stories of legendary heroes and adventures with such a passion one could almost see her in her youth. But once the story was done, her silence returned with cold words used only sparingly.

For many years it was just you and the other orphans, your numbers slowly growing over a handful of years, before a fateful day when the door slammed open and a giant of a man entered the orphanage and your life. Chadwick has been your father since early childhood when he arrived at the orphanage. With his thick, muscular arms and big, somewhat idiotic, grin he made up for his frequent work-related absences with kindness. He wasn’t always the best parent, and often he addressed the issues his children faced with a sort of bull-in-the-china-shop bluntness. But he and Kinley tried. And they were the only ones who did. Together, over years, you made a family with them and your other siblings deep in the swamps.

Chadwick was never the most cunning of men, and his ability to keep a secret is far from where his strengths lie. over the years you have overheard or caught Chadwick in revealing a small number of secrets about you and your adoptive siblings. At least one of you are biologically related to Chadwick, possibly several, but he doesn’t know which. He also doesn’t seem to care, and loves you all equally. Given that your father was a well-known ladies man in his day, it is plausible that all of you are biologically related, despite your disparate appearances. You also know one of the orphans was taken from a burning building after both of their parents were burned to death horrifically. Chadwick still feels directly responsible for the fire, but never clarified which child it was.

Growing up in the swamps around Barrelbog you have learned to move quickly and quietly to avoid drawing the attention of the great swamp dragons, the dour villagers, and other hazards of your homelands. Between Chadwick and his many friends in the mercenary profession, your schooling has been eccentric to say the least, learning a bit of this and that from many different arenas and professions. Kinley has been quite strict in your letters, and modeling after her own precise penmanship, you have learned to write extremely well and with a strong command of language. While you haven’t ever left Barrelbog, you have learned of the great mercenary guilds, houses, and adventures of a great many heroes and long for the day you will be old enough to start your own question. Perhaps one to discover where you came from and what became of your parents.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher’s Tools
  • Language: Kinley taught you one additional language of your choice.
  • Equipment: A set of common clothes, a set of gaming dice, a belt knife, a waterproofed cloak, a waterproofed backpack, and your total saved up allowance of 15 gp.

Feature: Raised Cautiosly

Between learning from Chadwick, Kinley, and the other mercenaries, you tend to be cautious indeed. Mercenaries tend to be a pessimistic and paranoid lot, and a good bit of them has rubbed off on you. Whenever you are in a new location you may make a survival check to identify locations where one could suitably hide, gain better positioning to have a strong vantage point, identify individuals acting out of place, or read the tension of a situation to trust your “gut” on if you should stay, fight, or flee.

Suggested Characteristics

Orphans are frequently the subject of pity or disgust by society, often driven by both an empathy for your situation combined with a lack of willingness to make sacrifices to take you in. Some treat you with overt generosity, seeking to do what they can to make up for your lot, but you have found more people treat you with disgust or indifference. While Chadwick and Kinley have raised you well and done right by you, you still wish you knew more about where you came from. Who you are and why you ended up in Chadwick’s care is the main question that haunts your dreams at night, and you have made up every possible story and scenario trying to reconcile your situation.

Personality Traits
d8 Personality Trait
1 I focused upon Kinley’s books and learning to fill the void my parents left. I am knowledgeable and well-versed in many forms of lore, but I am also distant and introverted when it comes to dealing with people.
2 My family knows they can rely on me no matter what, and while I occasionally boss the others around it is out of love to make sure the family remains strong. I will defend those I consider family to the end.
3 Dude! Chadwick was my dad and he was the coolest, bro. No doubt. did you know he can bench, like, three bears at once? Yeah, it’s true. i’m only up to one bear right now, but I’ll get there man. Do you even lift?
4 I’m haunted by a memory of my past, a single image of a woman I think might be my mother. Chadwick, Kinley, and the other mercenaries don’t recognize who I speak of, mostly because while she is so clear in my mind I can’t find the right words to describe here. I take to art to try and express these thoughts, in poetic verse, song, paintings, and drawings. But they never seem right.
5 Being the middle child, I feel slighted when passed over and bitter when I’m not the center of attention.
6 People say I talk too much, but I don’t know what they’re talking about; after all whenever I have something to say it is very, very likely to be the most interesting thing said and FURTHERMORE we all know that I’m the funny one so people should just shut up and enjoy the ride; speaking of rides…
7 I was abandoned once, and I’m not willing to get close to people to be abandoned again. It took me many years to open up to my siblings, Kinley, and Chadwick. It would take many more to open up to anyone else.
8 I’ve stared down the swamp dragons without flinching. I’ve done handstands on the top of the tallest roof in town. People say I’m crazy, but in reality I just don’t feel fear.
d6 Ideal
1 Being an orphan means that anyone could be family, if you are willing to treat them that way. (Good)
2 We orphans have a duty to the rest of the abandoned out there to look out for each other. (Lawful)
3 Being an orphan means I have no real ties to bring me down, or limits to what I can achieve. (Chaotic)
4 Perhaps I lost my family for a reason. Best to leave the past in the past and focus upon the now. (Neutral)
5 I had my family, my rightful life, taken from me. I’ll take it back no matter the cost.
6 Who cares who my parents were, or what caused them to abandon me. I know who I am now, and there is nothing else left to know.
d6 Bond
1 My siblings saved me from a violent death by a swamp dragon, attacking it and driving it away with sticks and stones before it could eat me whole.
2 My siblings covered for me for years as I raised a pet in secret. When I was eventually caught with it, they spoke up in my defense one by one until Chadwick allowed us to keep it.
3 I was terribly sick as a child, and when things got especially bad my siblings offered their own life energy to a passing cleric to help permanently cure my ailment.
4 I’ve always been the lazy one, and my siblings eventually learned to do my chores for me. Without them I don’t know how I could continue my lifestyle.
5 I was troubled for many years when I was first brought to the orphanage, silent and fearful after the half remembered horrors of what I saw before coming here. Each of my siblings sat with me, urging me to eat, treating me kindly, and eventually coaxing me to speak and trust again.
6 I’ve sacrificed time and time again for my siblings, and will do so again happily. Without them I have nothing, and being able to provide for them is what matters the most to me.
d6 Flaw
1 I took after Chadwick a bit too much in my focus upon the physical delights of life. Drinking, sex, and physical pursuits are all that matter to me.
2 I secretly hate everyone but my siblings instinctively. I see everyone outside the orphanage as a threat that needs to be destroyed or avoided.
3 I don’t think things through and in my bullheadedness I often cause pain and hardship to my siblings.
4 I learned to spy on the villagers of Barrelbog and keep secret notes on their comings and goings, a habit I extend to anyone I meet.
5 Don’t expect me to put my neck out for anyone outside of my family. These people didn’t lift a finger when I was abandoned, it’s only fair to treat them likewise.
6 I have a deep, dark anger towards my birth parents for abandoning me and find the thought of meeting them at once both disgusting and enraging.