Background – Boarhardt Guildsman



In the years since the Succession Crisis, the Boarhardt Guild has expanded to be the premier guild across the realms. Adventurers can, apparently, be hired for everything from guarding to gardening and will happily take the coin. Because of this, and their history in being the cause of and solution to most of Falleron’s problems, Boarhardt Guild mercenaries are well known throughout the world as curiosities, assets, and considerable threats, depending upon the local situation. You’ve worked hard to be accepted into the Boarhardt Guild, and now have a few contracts under your belt. What stands before you is just another contract, and hopefully one that paid better than your last…

Skill Proficiency: Athletics, Performance  

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, vehicles (land) or vehicles (airship)

Equipment: Traveler’s Clothes, A Boarhardt Guild jacket or vest (traveler’s clothes in quality), a steel Boarhardt Badge, a gaming set of your choice, and a pouch containing the remainder of your last wages (10 gp)


The Boarhardt Guild is known worldwide as a powerful band of adventurers and openly showing your badge or official garb draws the attention from those you encounter along your travels. Curious, or fearful, looks from locals are not uncommon to you and every tavern has many a parton interested in hearing the heroic (or notorious) tales of your past exploits. Telling such tales can often lead to free drinks or loose lips on some topics, and can be used to gain audiences with those in power interested in the stories or content of your heroics. Local authorities are frequently interested in soliciting your aid and are more willing than otherwise to solicit you to work outside of the local laws to solve problems. Less frequent, though not unheard of, are authorities actively seeking to drive you from their lands as a threat to their own authority. In towns with a Boarhardt Guildhall, you receive shelter and succor from the Guild chapter headquarters, generally consisting of a modest hostel and basic food and board.


The Boarhardt Guild badge you have on your chest, a winged simple crest cast in steel, also has a secondary purpose aside from showing your rank and affiliation. The crest is a magical beacon, allowing those at guild chapter houses to have a rough idea of where you are, and those at the main headquarters in Kingsbridge to be able to precisely pinpoint you on a map. This can be used both for verifying you completed a job, and also as potential emergency beacon in case of arrests or disasters. Dispelling the effect upon your badge ends it’s effectiveness, but not before causing all guild houses to be notified of the time and place of the dispelling.

D8 Personality Trait

  1. The hunt, be it of a monster or a mark, is always my favorite part of a contract. Tally-ho!
  2. The stories of my past adventures are always quick on my lips, to the joy of strangers and the annoyance of my companions.
  3. Don’t change the contract, don’t make unnecessary chatter, don’t get involved. I’m a professional.
  4. I’m not afraid to work beyond the contract if it means doing what’s right. Circumstances change, and it’s our reputation that matters.
  5. I’ve sampled the alcohol of every village, city, inn, and traveling caravan I’ve come across. And I’m just getting started!
  6. I quickly pick up the local accents, dialects, and slang subconsciously and don’t notice the change.
  7. The only thing that moves quicker than my feet is my pen. My adventures are captured in journals, and I write whenever there is a spare moment of everything from observations on wildlife to the thrilling tale of the battle moments before.
  8. Behind my war torn and weary features, I’m a deeply feeling creature! Like everybody else I’ve got a dream! I’ve got a dreeeeeeaaaam! I’ve got a dreaaaam! But to see it I sometimes have to make folks scream! So while I’ve got quite a temper, It’s important to remember, even mercenaries have got dreaaaams!

D8 Ideal

  1. Greed. There is always room to haggle a bit more out of a contract. When you say desperation, I hear opportunity.
  2. Loyalty. The Guild has given me power and prestige, I will ensure it retains both with my actions.  
  3. Compassion. Payment is secondary to helping those in need. That said, this isn’t a charity and I am risking my life.
  4. Bravery: Never back down from a job, never accept surrender!
  5. Bravado. It’s not enough to complete a job, you have to think of how the story will go when you get back home!
  6. Need. I joined the guild for access to its resources. My personal agenda may not always be my job, but it’s always first in my mind.

D6 Bond

  1. My guild dues go to support a family I care deeply about. Without my money they would likely have died in the gutter.
  2. The guild rescued me from a great danger. At that moment I knew exactly what I was going to be and have worked hard to gain entry into the guild.
  3. I am not the man I am pretending to be. He died, and I was there to assume his place. I will do everything I can to keep others from knowing.
  4. The guild is the only family or companionship that I have. I know all of my companions names, and keep in touch with those I no longer work directly with.
  5. I’ve got a spouse back home who loves me, and I write them constantly.
  6. I alone survived a disastrous contract. I honor the memories of my fallen guildmates at all times.

D6 Flaw

  1. Plans are for wimps. Just charge in!
  2. Of course you fight fire with fire. You fight everything with fire.
  3. My rivalry with a fellow guild member is my sole driving force in life. I will beat them! I WILL!
  4. I only respect the guild. All other authority figures I treat with indifference or disdain unless they are paying me.
  5. I bark orders at everyone, even those not under my command.
  6. I’m a functioning alcoholic. The point here is to not get hung up on the alcoholic part (hic) but instead focus on… the functioning!