Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry General Store

Continuing with the Floundered Ferry maps, the general store by the docks sees goods come and go from across Ovid, the Heartlands, and beyond. I’ts a perfect spot for the adventurer needing a quick restocking of essentials on the road.

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Campaign Log Update

Continuing the updates for Crown of the Heartlands, another chapter has been added:

These are taking longer than expected, especially the Beast of Bentleyshire chapter which constitutes almost 4 months of games. Updates may be slower than anticipated for these chapters!

Have a great day!


Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Guard-house

The Floundered Ferry Inn is also home to a small band of mercenaries that guard the inn between gigs for room and board. It was these enterprising soldiers that built the palisade around the compound to keep out the beasts in the surrounding forests. Inside their guard house they stay warm and well provisioned as they plan their next big adventure.

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Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Inn Interior

The Floundered Ferry Inn has two levels, with a tarvern on the first floor and rooms for up to nine on the second floor (in addition to the hostel rooms at the stables, which will be posted in the upcoming weeks). The Innkeeper’s room on the first floor also has a hatch down to a hidden cellar which connects to a wider underground area.

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Campaign Log Updates

Catching up with the campaign logs for Crown of the Heartlands, two new chapters from last year have been updated:

I hope to have chapters ten through thirteen completed and logged by the end of next week.

Until then, have a great day!