Faegate: The Green Realm

This week, we hit the jungles of Jemai to connect another location to the Faegate Network: the Green Realm! This jungle hinterland is protected by fierce druids and beastfolk, and can be very dangerous for the unprepared!

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Faegate: Barrelbog

Today we return to the swamps near Barrelbog to connect another location to the Faegate Network!

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Faegate – Lore

Returning to the faegates that have been previously posted, this week we have lore on how they can be operated by would-be temporal travelers!

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Encounter Map – Tropical Tar Pit

This map was the first Monthly Map Lottery from this year! Each month my Patreons get a chance to suggest an idea they want made, and then through a random roll I determine which idea will be made in the following month! Maps like the Gates of Summer and The Winter Court were also map lottery maps!

This one is for a tar pit in a jungle, complete with strange, T-rex sized footprints wandering off. Danger is afoot!

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Isle of the Hunt – Shadow Cave

Another location on the Isle of the Hunt, this mysterious cave has a strange hole in the very back that emanates an arcane shadow that no light can pierce… very spooky!

Also there is a bunch of glowing mushrooms your players might want to try. Who knows what will happen (probably constitution saves).

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